UML for Visio

If you are having to make a UML diagram with Microsoft Visio, you might be a bit frustrated with the built in templates.

I found a website which offers a free UML 2.2 template which seems to do the job:

Seems you just download the Zip file,  and can then double click on the files to have them imported into Visio.

Thought it was worth sharing.


Updated profile on Linkedin

I have updated my LinkedIn profile, to reflect my achievements within financial services, particularly the last six good years contracting at Swiss Re, working in the Gherkin.

Switching PHP magic quotes off

Having moved to Joomla 3 I have discovered the joy of php magic quotes killing links in articles. Despite this being a shared server, the way to switch them off is simple. Create a file called php.ini and save a copy of it to the root folder (i.e. where you have the Joomla index.php file) and also in the administrator folder. The file should have these contents:

magic_quotes_gpc = Off
magic_quotes_runtime = Off
magic_quotes_sybase = Off

Thanks to Stack Overflow for this 

First Kindle eBook published

We have published our first ebook!  We took H.G. Wells book, Anticipations, where he makes forecasts about the future and annotated it with illustrations, a glossary and extracts from his autobiography and one of his other books where he discusses it. This book was written primarily as a trial of publishing on Kindle. As most of the content is public domain in the US only it is for sale in and not  We have another book in development. We will update the blog when it is available.

Updating Twitter automatically

In case you want to update Twitter automatically with every new Joomla post, there seem to be many ones you can choose.  I have decided to try AutoTweet to send to my not very loved Twitter account @leonarduk. This is a test post of that update.