Assuming you have started a project already and have admin rights,  

create a local sshfs mount:  ( )

so create a folder to hold the mount:

cd ~/Desktop

mkdir sourceforge

sshfs This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.:/home/project-web/clearcheckbookjavaapi /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/

(can unmount with fusermount -u /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/ if you want to change the directory its mounted at)

cd to your htdocs directory

cd /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/htdocs/

create a maven folder

mkdir maven

cd into it

cd maven

make the directory indexable - create .htaccess file with the contents "Options +Indexes" - see

vi .htaccess

Options +Indexes

Now follow the steps in this link to create the repository structure and files:

  1. build the project with extra commands to do the release: mvn install -DperformRelease=true -DcreateChecksum=true
  2. copy the relevant files from your local repository, ~/.m2 to your maven folder in the mount, e.g. /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/htdocs/maven. This will contain the code you deployed plus any projects you have used, so you probably don't need to copy it all.
  3. cd to that folder, e.g. /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/htdocs/maven and go to the release folder of your project, e.g. /home/stephen/Desktop/sourceforge/htdocs/maven/com/leonarduk/clearcheckbook/clearcheckbookapi/0.1 and rename the maven-metadata-local.xml and create the checksums:
    mv maven-metadata-local.xml maven-metadata.xml
    md5sum maven-metadata.xml > maven-metadata.xml.md5
    sha1sum maven-metadata.xml > maven-metadata.xml.sha1

You can now use this in another maven project by adding this to its pom.xml