Tom Leonard Literary Estate

My father died in December 2018, having published a number of books of poetry and prose.  He had been keen his work was not forgotten, so I am in the process od republishing them


You can see his original website (largely left as he left it) Amazon author page and a Facebook page I created to publicize his works and my efforts to republish them.

Open source software on Github

I have migrated my private projects to GitHub


The main one is UNISoN a usenet reader that shows the social networks created when people reply to posts

Updated GlassAndSilverjewellery to latest Joomla!

After perhaps too long, we have updated to the latest versions of Joomla and Virtumart.

This was the result of a successful out-sourcing mini-project to a Russian developer via

This reduces the security risk the site previously had, and introduces some small improvements to improve customer experience.



Released v0.1 of Freemind search plugin

Created a search plugin to my favourite Mind-mapping tool, FreeMind which itself is open-source Java based.

The existing program had limited search facilities, only the current open map, so wrote plugin to allow search from multiple Freemind maps. It uses Apache Lucene to create an in-memory index then orders the results by a score. You can then click on a result to open that map. Can choose to search the maps you already have open, or to recursively search a directory of your choice.