This is quite old, as I havne't used C++ for a while and have just copied over these from another page.


Remove the quotes around the currency names

char acBuf1[100];
  char acBuf2[100];

    /* Remove the quotes around the currency names. */
    acBuf2[strlen(sm->currencies[iCtr]->tag) - 1] = '\0';
    strcpy(acBuf1, &(acBuf2[1]));


find symbols in a static object

nm -r <object files>

-r flag means show filename
see unix in a nutshell p126


RE: C++ Lib not found at execution but IS found on compilation

 The LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable is used to resolve runtime dynamic library lookups.
Whereas a compile time you typically specify the -L<lib dir> to tell the compile where to find the library.
Therefore, try expanding the LD_LIBRARY_PATH setting to include the location of the missing lib and retry running the exec.

forte quirks

Needs int i defined for every for loop even though one loop already defined as int i above

need to add std:: to ostream and endl
need to #include <fstream.h>

Add the following to your MANPATH environment variable.